Editorial Team / Staff

The staff behind BoardsCards have been a proud part of the gaming community since the early days of BBS and the internet first linked up to allow fellow game enthusiasts worldwide to share info on their favorite board and card games. After contributing to sites like BoardGameGeek and several popular tracking tools used (mainly to let people discover, talk about, and get good at games), we decided to pool our knowledge into BoardsCards.

Together, the aim of this site is to give everyone easy access to the most common rules, strategies, and fun gaming variations for ours and your favorite board and card games.

We will be talking abut classics like Monopoly and Chess and Scrabble, of course. But over the past 20-30 years gaming, tabletop gaming and board and card games have seen an explosion in the rise of complex strategy games like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. Other popular card games we like to cover include Uno, a fast-paced number-matching game, and Magic: The Gathering, a collectible card game that involves deep strategic play

gameguru (adam)

Content Director & Lead Writer – Gameguru (Adam)

A digital native around since the early days of online gaming communities. An early contributor to the cult gaming site ClanTemplates, Adam has spent years building and giving free gaming resources to the community. With BoardCards, Adam is most experienced and commonly writing the articles on Strategy multi-player games like Settlers of Catan and Avalon. His first introduction to board games was via Mancala, an Egyptian-origin stone game and one of the oldest known games still played worldwide.

eve brownlee author picture

Contributing Writer – Eve

Eve Brownlee was a gamer before gaming communities on the internet were a thing. Eve grew up playing traditional, standard deck card games like Rummy and Bezique, taking an interest in the classics Backgammon and Chess. Parlor card games like Bridge continue to keep Eve active in the community. After a long career, primarily in horticulture for USDA in Maryland, Eve now travels and maintains some pomology interest via writing on The Pineapple (pineapples.info) and contributing to Quora/Pinterest. You can also find her on Facebook linked above!