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Dark Souls Board Game 2024 re-release
December 6, 2023

Is Dark Souls: The Board Game – The Sunless City a Letdown or a Must-Have for Fans

Explore the revamped Dark Souls: The Board Game with The Sunless City, but is it truly an upgrade or a step back for seasoned players? Find out more in this review!
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disney lorcana trading card game elsa and stitch cards
December 5, 2023

Disney Lorcana’s Rise of the Floodborn Plagued by Cyber Attack Chaos: Fans Left Empty-Handed!

Disney Lorcana's digital launch for Rise of the Floodborn faces chaos due to a DDoS attack. Aftermath and promises made by Ravensburger to resolve the issue.
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adventure time adopts d&d 5e rules to suprise and uproar
November 23, 2023

Adventure Time Switch to D&D 5E Rules in RPG Kickstarter Sparks Debate!

Adventure Time's RPG Kickstarter surprises fans by adopting D&D 5E rules. What happened to the unique narrative system promised earlier?
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