Nova Luna

A Guide to Nova Luna – Rules, Instructions & Strategy


Nova Luna is a tile-laying game where you’re trying to complete patterns on your tiles to score points. It’s got a bit of a puzzle vibe to it, and it’s pretty chill to play. The game was designed by Uwe Rosenberg, who’s known for some other big games like Cottage Garden and Patchwork, which I’ve written guides on previously. Nova Luna was released in 2019 and has been getting a lot of attention since then. It’s a game for 1 to 4 players, which means you can even play it solo if you want.

The goal is to fill your personal board with tiles that match certain patterns and complete tasks. Each tile you place will have some tasks on it, and when you complete these tasks, you get to cover them with markers. The first player to cover all their tasks wins the game. It’s a race against the other players and the clock, as the moon phase tracker determines the pace of the game.

Quick Tip for Nova Luna

Always keep an eye on the moon phase tracker; it’s key to planning your moves!

Rules for playing Nova Luna

Alright, let’s dive into the rules of Nova Luna. First off, the game is played in turns, and on your turn, you’ll pick a tile from the moon wheel. This wheel is like a clock with tiles in each ‘hour’ position. The tile you choose determines how far ahead you move on the moon phase tracker. The player who is furthest behind on the tracker gets the next turn, which can sometimes mean taking multiple turns in a row if you’re still the last on the track after your turn.

Each tile has a color and a number of tasks on it. When you place a tile, you want to put it next to tiles that will help you complete the tasks on your new tile. Completing tasks means putting a marker on them, and you get these markers by placing tiles that match the task requirements. The tasks are like “have three blue tiles in a row” or “have two yellow tiles touching this one.” It’s all about matching colors and patterns.

There’s a bit of strategy in choosing tiles because you want to complete tasks but also not move too far on the moon phase tracker. If you jump too far ahead, you might give your opponents a bunch of turns in a row. The game keeps going until one player has covered all their tasks or there are no more tiles to draw from the moon wheel. If you run out of tiles, the player with the fewest uncovered tasks wins.

Equipment and Setup for Nova Luna

For Nova Luna, you need the game box, which comes with a bunch of stuff. You’ve got the moon wheel, which is the round board where you put the tiles. Then there are the tiles themselves, 68 of them, each with different colors and tasks. You also get markers in four colors, one set for each player. To set up, you put the moon wheel in the middle of the table and fill it with tiles in a random order. Each player takes a set of markers and a player board. You’re ready to start once you’ve decided who goes first.

How to Play Nova Luna and Game Mechanics

Playing Nova Luna is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. Here’s a breakdown of the game mechanics:

  1. Setup: Place the moon wheel in the center, fill it with tiles, and give each player their markers and a player board.
  2. Gameplay: On your turn, pick a tile from the moon wheel and place it on your board. Try to complete tasks by matching the patterns and colors.
  3. End of the Game: The game ends when a player covers all their tasks or there are no more tiles to draw. The player with the fewest uncovered tasks wins if no one completes all tasks.

During gameplay, you’ll go through these phases:

  1. Choosing a Tile: Pick one of the next three tiles in the moon wheel.
  2. Moving the Moon: Move your marker on the moon phase tracker according to the number on the tile you chose.
  3. Placing the Tile: Put your new tile on your board next to tiles that will help you complete tasks.
  4. Completing Tasks: If you complete tasks on your new tile, cover them with your markers.

How to Win at Nova Luna

Winning at Nova Luna is all about balance. You want to complete tasks quickly but also not move too far on the moon phase tracker. It’s important to plan a few moves ahead and keep an eye on what tiles will come up next. Try to pick tiles that will help you complete multiple tasks at once. And remember, sometimes it’s worth taking a tile that doesn’t help you much if it means your opponents won’t get a bunch of turns in a row.

As a beginner, focus on understanding how the tiles and tasks work together. As you get more experienced, start paying attention to what your opponents are doing and try to predict their moves. Advanced players will be able to plan several turns ahead and make moves that set them up for big combos.

Best Strategies for playing Nova Luna game

For the best strategies, you want to be efficient with your tile placement. Look for ways to complete multiple tasks with a single tile. Keep an eye on the moon phase tracker and try to stay just behind your opponents so you can take extra turns. Also, watch out for tiles that are crucial for your opponents’ strategies and consider taking them to block their plans.

Sneaky tactics can include taking a tile that doesn’t help you much but messes up another player’s strategy. Or, you can pretend to go for one strategy and then switch to another to throw off your opponents. The key is to stay flexible and adapt to the tiles that come up.


Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a tough spot, like when you need a specific tile to complete a lot of tasks, but it’s not coming up. In these cases, try to adjust your strategy and focus on other tasks you can complete. If you’re in a good position, like having multiple ways to complete tasks, make sure to capitalize on it and set yourself up for future turns.

Frequently Asked Questions about playing Nova Luna game

Here are some common questions and answers:

  1. Q: Can I move my tiles after I’ve placed them?
    A: No, once a tile is placed, it stays there for the rest of the game.
  2. Q: What happens if two players finish all their tasks at the same time?
    A: The game ends immediately, and the player who is currently behind on the moon phase tracker wins.
  3. Q: Can I skip my turn if I don’t want any of the available tiles?
    A: No, you must take a tile on your turn.
  4. Q: How do I know which tasks I’ve completed?
    A: You cover completed tasks with your markers, so it’s clear which ones are done.
  5. Q: Can I play Nova Luna with more than four players?
    A: The game is designed for up to four players, so playing with more would require additional components and might not be balanced.

There are a few more things to keep in mind when playing Nova Luna:

  1. Solo Play: Nova Luna can be played solo. The rules are slightly different, but the overall strategy remains the same.
  2. Tile Availability: The tiles are limited, so sometimes you have to work with what’s available rather than waiting for the perfect tile.
  3. Game Variants: There are different ways to play Nova Luna, like changing the starting conditions or adding challenges for experienced players.

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