Junta: Mastering the Art of Political Intrigue – Strategies, Rules & Winning Instructions Revealed!


Junta is a board game that simulates the power struggles and political machinations of a corrupt government. The game was first published by Creative Wargames Workshop and later by West End Games. It is set in the fictional Republica de los Bananas, a banana republic where players take on the roles of various government officials in a ruling Junta. The objective of the game is to amass the most money in your Swiss bank account by the end of the game. The equipment needed to play Junta includes a game board, cards, money, and player pieces.

Players engage in negotiations, form coalitions, and participate in various events that mimic the challenges and complexities of political maneuvering. Junta gained popularity for its immersive theme and strategic gameplay, plus its satirical take on capitalism and imperialism. It also garnered attention for its unique role-playing elements, as players adopt personas of political figures within the fictional regime. Over the years, the game has seen several editions and remains a cult classic among board game enthusiasts who appreciate its blend of political intrigue and strategic thinking.

I remember a lively evening playing Junta with my friends. We assumed the roles of cunning political factions, each vying for power and influence in the fictional world of Los Bananos. The negotiations, alliances, and betrayals were intense, and the game truly felt like a political thriller unfolding. At one point, a surprise turn of events led to an unexpected shift in power dynamics, leaving us all in shock and laughter. Junta not only provided hours of entertainment but also made a good job of gamifying unpredictable nature of politics, even in a board game.

Quick Tip for Playing Junta

Form alliances, but be wary of betrayal. Keep an eye on your resources and plan your actions strategically. Pay attention to the political climate and adapt your strategy accordingly. Remember, trust is a valuable currency, but it can be fleeting in the world of Los Bananos.

Rules for playing Junta (board game)

The official rules for Junta are as follows:

  1. Each player chooses a role within the government, such as President, Minister of Internal Affairs, or General.
  2. The President starts the game by proposing a budget, which is then voted on by the other players.
  3. If the budget is approved, the money is distributed according to the President’s proposal. If the budget is rejected, a coup may occur.
  4. During a coup, players can move their forces around the board in an attempt to control key locations and overthrow the President.
  5. Players can also assassinate other players, which removes them from the game for a turn.
  6. At the end of each turn, players can deposit money into their Swiss bank account. This money is safe from other players and counts towards their final score.
  7. The game ends when the bank runs out of money or when a player declares that they have $10 million in their Swiss bank account. The player with the most money in their Swiss bank account at the end of the game wins.

House rules can be introduced to add variety to the game. For example, some players might agree to limit the number of assassinations per turn or to change the way coups are resolved.

How do you play Junta

The game of Junta is played in turns, each consisting of several phases:

  1. Setup: Each player chooses a role and receives the corresponding card and pieces. The President is chosen randomly for the first turn.
  2. Gameplay: The President proposes a budget, which is voted on by the other players. If the budget is approved, the money is distributed and the next turn begins. If the budget is rejected, a coup may occur. During a coup, players can move their forces, assassinate other players, and attempt to overthrow the President.
  3. End of the Game: The game ends when the bank runs out of money or when a player declares that they have $10 million in their Swiss bank account. The player with the most money in their Swiss bank account at the end of the game wins.

How to Win at Junta

Winning at Junta requires a combination of strategic planning, negotiation skills, and a bit of luck. Here are some strategies that can help you win the game:

  1. Manage your money wisely: The key to winning Junta is to amass the most money in your Swiss bank account. This means you need to be strategic about how you spend your money. Invest in your forces to protect yourself during coups, but also save enough to deposit into your Swiss bank account.
  2. Build alliances: Junta is a game of negotiation and alliances. Building strong alliances with other players can help you get your budget proposals approved and protect you during coups. However, be careful not to make too many promises you can’t keep, as this can lead to betrayals and assassinations.
  3. Use your role to your advantage: Each role in Junta has its own unique abilities. Use these abilities to your advantage. For example, as President, you can control the budget and influence the distribution of money. As Minister of Internal Affairs, you can control the police and protect yourself from assassinations.
  4. Plan for the endgame: Keep an eye on the bank’s money supply. As the game nears its end, you’ll want to have as much money in your Swiss bank account as possible. This might mean making risky moves or betraying alliances to get the money you need.

Strategies for playing Junta (board game) game

While there are many strategies for playing Junta, here are some of the best ones to consider:

  1. Control the budget: As President, you have the power to propose the budget. This gives you a lot of control over the distribution of money. Use this power to reward your allies and punish your enemies.
  2. Prevent coups: Coups can be disruptive and dangerous. Try to prevent coups by getting your budget proposals approved and maintaining strong alliances with other players.
  3. Assassinate strategically: Assassinations can be a powerful tool, but they should be used strategically. Assassinate players who are a threat to you or who have betrayed you. But be careful, as assassinations can lead to retaliation and escalate conflicts.
  4. Deposit money regularly: Don’t forget to deposit money into your Swiss bank account regularly. This is the money that counts towards your final score, so make sure you’re always adding to it.


Here are some common scenarios you might encounter while playing Junta, and how you can turn them to your advantage:

  1. You’re the President and your budget proposal is rejected: This can lead to a coup, which can be dangerous. However, it can also be an opportunity to eliminate your enemies and consolidate your power. Use your forces wisely and try to control key locations on the board.
  2. You’re assassinated: Being assassinated removes you from the game for a turn, which can be a setback. However, it can also make you a sympathetic figure to other players, which can help you build alliances. Use your time out of the game to plan your next moves and negotiate with other players.
  3. You have a lot of money but few allies: Money is important in Junta, but so are alliances. If you have a lot of money but few allies, you might be a target for other players. Try to build alliances by sharing some of your wealth or helping other players with their strategies.
  4. The bank is running out of money: This signals that the game is nearing its end. If you have a lot of money in your Swiss bank account, you might

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