Journey Through Europe

Journey Through Europe: Winning Strategies, Rules & Instructions


Journey Through Europe is a captivating board game that takes players on an exciting adventure across the European continent. The game combines strategy, geography, and luck, offering a fun and educational experience. The game was first introduced in the 1980s and has since gained popularity among board game enthusiasts and families alike. To play Journey Through Europe, you will need the game board, playing pieces, destination cards, and travel cards.

🥇 One Protip to Win at Journey Through Europe

The key strategy is to plan the journey efficiently by studying the map and considering various factors such as the locations of cities, the quickest routes, and potential obstacles. This will help the player to travel across Europe in the game faster and more effectively, increasing their chances of winning.

Rules for playing Journey Through Europe

The official rules of Journey Through Europe are straightforward. The game begins with each player drawing a destination card that determines their starting and ending points. Players then draw travel cards that dictate their mode of transportation, which can be by air, sea, or land. The objective of the game is to visit all the cities on your destination card and return to your starting point before the other players.

While these are the official rules, players can introduce ‘house rules’ to add a twist to the game. For instance, players can agree to use only one mode of transportation throughout the game or to visit a specific number of cities before returning to their starting point.

How do you play Journey Through Europe

  1. Setup: Each player chooses a playing piece and places it on their starting city as indicated on their destination card. The travel cards are shuffled and placed face down.
  2. Gameplay: Players take turns drawing a travel card and moving their playing piece according to the mode of transportation on the card. If a player draws a card that does not allow them to move (for example, a sea card when they are on land), their turn is skipped.
  3. End of the Game: The game ends when a player visits all the cities on their destination card and returns to their starting city. That player is declared the winner.

How to Win at Journey Through Europe

Winning at Journey Through Europe requires a combination of strategy, luck, and a good understanding of European geography. Here are some strategies that can help you win the game:

  1. Plan Your Route: Before you start moving, take a moment to plan your route. Look at the cities on your destination card and figure out the shortest and most efficient way to visit them all.
  2. Use Your Travel Cards Wisely: The travel cards you draw can greatly influence your game. If you draw a sea card, for example, you can use it to quickly cross bodies of water and reach distant cities. However, if you draw a land card, you might have to take a longer route.
  3. Adapt to Changes: The game can change quickly, and you need to be able to adapt. If another player blocks your path or you draw an unfavorable travel card, you need to be able to adjust your strategy on the fly.

Best Strategies for playing Journey Through Europe game

While luck plays a part in Journey Through Europe, strategic plays can significantly increase your chances of winning. Here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Block Other Players: If you notice another player is about to reach their final city, you can try to block their path. This can delay them and give you extra time to reach your own cities.
  2. Save Your Air Cards: Air cards allow you to fly to any city on the board, making them very powerful. Try to save your air cards for when you really need them, such as when you need to reach a distant city quickly.
  3. Take Risks: Sometimes, taking a risk can pay off. If you’re behind, you might decide to take a longer route to collect more travel cards, hoping to draw a powerful air card.

Scenarios for Journey Through Europe

During a game of Journey Through Europe, players may find themselves in various scenarios. Here are some common scenarios and how to handle them:

  1. You’re Blocked: If another player blocks your path, you can either wait for them to move or find another route. Remember, the game is about visiting all your cities, not necessarily about taking the shortest route.
  2. You’re Running Out of Travel Cards: If you’re running low on travel cards, try to visit cities that are close together. This will allow you to conserve your cards and still make progress.
  3. You’re Far Behind: If you’re far behind the other players, don’t give up. Remember, the game can change quickly. Try to collect more travel cards and hope for a powerful air card.

Frequently Asked Questions about playing Journey Through Europe game

  1. Q: Can I use an air card to fly to any city? A: Yes, you can use an air card to fly to any city on the board.
  2. Q: What happens if another player blocks my path? A: If another player blocks your path, you can either wait for them to move or find another route.
  3. Q: Can I visit cities that are not on my destination card? A: Yes, you can visit any city on the board. However, the objective of the game is to visit all the cities on your destination card.
  4. Q: What happens if I run out of travel cards? A: If you run out of travel cards, you cannot move until you draw more cards.
  5. Q: Can I change my starting city? A: No, your starting city is determined by your destination card and cannot be changed.

For more information about Journey Through Europe, visit the official game website here.