The new Ticket to Ride PC game? No bueno

The new Ticket to Ride PC game is not gettin’ out of the gates

Ticket to Ride launches on PC to mixed reviews – highlight issues like crashes, missing features, and a steep price, leaving players questioning its value compared to the previous version.

Hey folks! I’ve been diving into the digital version of Ticket to Ride on PC lately, and let me tell you, it’s got some flashy new updates! They’ve jazzed it up with 3D graphics and cool animations, plus added a solo mode against computer opponents. You can also play with pals online or go solo against the AI. They’ve got the classic North American map and the European one from Ticket to Ride: Europe.

But, here’s the tea: it’s not getting the warmest reception from players. Some are bummed about crashes, missing features like end-game scoring, and a messy interface. The new animations? Well, they’re making the games drag a bit, and there’s no way to speed them up.

All style no substance?

Players miss free classic Ticket to Ride

Folks are saying the older free version on Board Game Arena is better, and some die-hard fans with hundreds of hours in the old version are feeling let down. Plus, if you had expansions in the old game, you might need to fork out again for them here. And get this, there’s a pricey DLC that bundles the European expansion and nine more, but everyone you play with needs to own it too.

To add salt to the wound, the old version and its DLC got pulled from Steam, and the online multiplayer’s getting axed in 2024. And get this, the new one’s almost double the price of the old app! Sounds like you might be paying more for less. Tough break, right?

If you’re still interested, you can find the new Ticket to Ride 2023 game on PC via Steam’s store.