Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice: Your Guide to Rules, Strategy Tips and Instructions


Zombie Dice is a quick and easy dice game tl;dr about being a zombie and eating brains. It’s made by Steve Jackson Games and came out in 2010. The game is super simple to learn, which I find makes it great for parties or casual game nights especially with younger players. The idea is to roll dice that represent victims and collect as many brains as possible without getting shotgunned. It’s a game of risk and luck, and it’s a fun one to play.

The game has a cool theme and the dice are unique, with different symbols representing brains, shotgun blasts, and runners. It’s a push-your-luck game, which means you can keep rolling to get more brains, but if you’re not careful, you might end up with too many shotgun blasts and lose everything you’ve rolled that turn. The first player to collect 13 brains wins, but getting there can be tricky!

Quick Tip for Zombie Dice

Always watch how many shotgun blasts you have. It’s tempting to keep rolling for more brains, but don’t get too greedy or you’ll lose them all!

Rules for playing Zombie Dice

The rules for Zombie Dice are pretty straightforward. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

  1. Each player takes turns being the zombie, rolling dice to collect brains.
  2. On your turn, shake the cup and draw three dice without looking and roll them.
  3. Set aside any brains and shotguns you roll. If you roll runners, you can re-roll them on your next roll.
  4. You can choose to stop and score your brains at any time. If you get three shotguns, your turn is over, and you score nothing.
  5. After you score or get shotgunned, it’s the next player’s turn.
  6. The game continues until someone reaches 13 brains. Then, finish the round, and the player with the most brains wins.

Equipment and Setup for Zombie Dice

To play Zombie Dice, you need the game, which comes with a cup, 13 dice, and a rule sheet. The dice have three types of symbols: brains, shotguns, and footprints. The cup is used to hold the dice and shake them up before drawing. To set up, just put all the dice in the cup, and you’re ready to go!

How to Play Zombie Dice

Playing Zombie Dice is all about rolling dice and making decisions. Here’s a breakdown of the gameplay:

  1. Key Game Mechanics: Decide when to risk rolling more dice and when to stop and score your brains.
  2. Setup: Put all the dice in the cup. Decide who goes first.
  3. Gameplay: On your turn, draw three dice and roll them. Decide if you want to keep rolling or stop and score.
  4. End of the Game: Once someone reaches 13 brains, finish the round. The player with the most brains wins.

How to Win at Zombie Dice

Winning at Zombie Dice is about balancing risk and reward. Here are some tips:

  1. Know when to stop. If you have two shotguns, it might be time to score your brains and pass the cup.
  2. Watch other players. If someone is close to winning, you might need to take more risks.
  3. Remember the dice colors. Green dice have more brains, red have more shotguns, and yellow are even. Choose wisely when drawing new dice.

Best Strategies for playing Zombie Dice

Here are some strategies to help you win:

  1. Start your turn by rolling as many green dice as possible. They’re the safest bet for brains.
  2. If you roll a lot of runners, consider rolling again, especially if you haven’t rolled any shotguns yet.
  3. Keep an eye on your opponents’ brain totals. If you’re ahead, play it safe. If you’re behind, you might need to take bigger risks.


There are a few variations of Zombie Dice that can mix things up:

  1. Play to a higher or lower brain count to make the game longer or shorter.
  2. Add house rules, like ‘no looking in the cup’ when drawing dice.
  3. Use the Zombie Dice expansions for new dice and rules.


Sometimes you’ll find yourself in tough spots. Here’s how to handle them:

  1. If you’re behind and someone is about to win, you might need to keep rolling even with two shotguns.
  2. If you’re ahead, play conservatively. Let others take the risks.
  3. If you roll mostly red dice, consider stopping early. They’re dangerous!

Frequently Asked Questions about playing Zombie Dice

Here are some common questions and answers:

  1. Q: What happens if I roll all runners?
    A: You can re-roll all the runners on your next roll if you decide to keep going.
  2. Q: Can I keep rolling after scoring?
    A: No, once you score your brains, your turn is over.
  3. Q: What if two players tie with 13 brains?
    A: Finish the round. If there’s still a tie, those players have a roll-off.

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