Nations: The Dice Game

Nations: The Dice Game – Rules, Instructions & Winning Strategy


Nations: The Dice Game is a fast-paced, strategic game where players build civilizations through the ages. It’s based on the popular board game Nations. Since its release, it has gained a following for its gameplay blend of luck and strategy. The game is designed for 1 to 4 players and typically lasts about 10 to 15 minutes per player.

The goal is to build the most successful and powerful civilization by managing resources, building wonders, and dealing with various historical events. The game spans four ages, each representing a different period in history. Players roll dice to gather resources and use them to buy tiles that provide new dice and abilities. The game ends after the fourth age, and the player with the most victory points wins.

Quick Tip for Nations: The Dice Game

Focus on a balanced strategy that adapts to the tiles available and your opponents’ moves. Don’t lock yourself into one path too early!

Rules for playing Nations: The Dice Game

The rules of Nations: The Dice Game are straightforward but, I find, offer deep strategic play. Each player starts with a civilization board and a set of dice. The game is played over four ages, with each age consisting of three rounds. In each round, players roll their dice to collect resources like food, gold, stone, and workers. These resources are used to buy new tiles from a common pool, which can give new dice, victory points, or special abilities.

Players can also choose to reroll their dice, but they must keep the second result. After buying tiles, players can build wonders or deal with events that can give or take away points. The game encourages players to adapt their strategies based on the tiles that come up and what other players are doing. At the end of the fourth age, players add up their victory points from tiles, wonders, books, and leftover resources to determine the winner.

Equipment and Setup for Nations: The Dice Game

To play Nations: The Dice Game, you need the game box, which includes dice, civilization boards, tiles, and tokens. Each player gets a civilization board and a set of dice. The tiles are sorted by age and type and placed face up for all players to see. The types of tiles include buildings, wonders, advisors, and colonies, each providing different benefits.

If you don’t have the game, you could potentially make a DIY version with homemade tiles and dice, but I do recommend having the official game components for the best experience.

How to Play Nations: The Dice Game and Game Mechanics

The game mechanics are simple but require players to make strategic decisions. Here’s a breakdown of the gameplay phases:

  1. Roll Dice: Players roll their dice to see what resources they get.
  2. Buy Tiles: Players use resources to buy one tile per turn from the common pool.
  3. Build Wonders/Deal with Events: Players can build wonders for points or deal with events that can affect their civilization.
  4. Prepare for Next Round: Players prepare for the next round by setting up new tiles and events.

Players repeat these steps for each round until the game ends after the fourth age.

How to Win at Nations: The Dice Game

To win at Nations: The Dice Game, players need to focus on accumulating victory points. Beginners should aim to understand how different tiles work together and how to use their dice effectively. Intermediate players can start to predict what tiles will come up and plan their strategy around that. Advanced players will need to watch their opponents closely and adapt their strategy to counter them. It’s also important to manage resources carefully and not waste them on tiles that won’t give many points.

Best Strategies for playing Nations: The Dice Game

The best strategies involve being flexible and ready to change your plan based on the game’s progress. Players should aim to have a mix of tiles that give them a variety of resources and points. It’s also useful to have some tiles that let you change your dice results, as this can help you get the resources you need. Sneaky tactics can include buying tiles that you know your opponents need or using events to your advantage.

Overall, I recommend using a strategy that balances immediate gains with long-term progression. Players should prioritize acquiring resources that align with their nation’s strengths and the current state of their civilization. Early on, focusing on growth by expanding your dice pool can provide more options and greater flexibility in later rounds.

It’s also important to maintain a balance between the different types of dice, ensuring that food, gold, stone, and military power are available when needed. Players should keep an eye on the progress track and the available tiles, aiming to invest in buildings, wonders, and advisors that complement their strategy.

Adaptability is also key; be prepared to shift your tactics based on the actions of your opponents and the evolving game state. Keep track of the victory points available each round through military conflicts and famine, ensuring that your civilization is not left vulnerable.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of rerolls and books, as they can significantly alter the outcome of your rolls and provide a much-needed edge to outmaneuver your competition.


Good scenarios in the game might include having a lot of resources or a strong combination of tiles. Bad scenarios could be having no resources or tiles that don’t work well together. In good scenarios, players should build on their strengths and in bad scenarios, they should try to change their strategy to improve their situation.

Frequently Asked Questions about playing Nations: The Dice Game

Here are some common questions and answers:

  1. Q: Can I reroll my dice as many times as I want?
    A: No, you can only reroll once per turn, and you must keep the second result.
  2. Q: How do I get more dice?
    A: You can get more dice by buying tiles that come with dice.
  3. Q: Can I buy more than one tile per turn?
    A: No, you can only buy one tile per turn.
  4. Q: What happens if I can’t feed my people?
    A: If you can’t feed your people, you lose points at the end of the round.
  5. Q: Can I save resources for the next round?
    A: Yes, you can save resources, and they can give you points at the end of the game.

Additional Subtopics

Other things to consider when playing Nations: The Dice Game include managing your civilization’s stability and keeping an eye on the progress of your opponents. As I mentioned already, it’s important to balance immediate gains with long-term strategy.

For more information on Nations: The Dice Game, check out the publisher’s official page for rules and updates:

Nations: The Dice Game, Gameplay Review [Video]