Glen More II: Chronicles

Glen More II: Chronicles – Rules, Instructions & Winning Strategy


Glen More II: Chronicles is a board game that takes you to the highlands of Scotland, where you lead your clan, expanding your territory and increasing your wealth. It’s similar in tone and setting to Clans of Caledonia, which I’ve written on previously. The game is a sequel to the original Glen More, designed by Matthias Cramer, and it brings new mechanics and components to the table. It was first released in 2019 and has since gained a reputation for its deep strategy and engaging gameplay.

The game is known for its tile-laying mechanic, where players pick tiles from a central board to build their own little corner of Scotland. Each tile can represent a location, a person, or a piece of history, and they all help you gather resources, which you’ll use to score points. The game also includes a unique rondel system that determines player order and adds a layer of strategy to the tile selection process. With various Chronicles, or mini-expansions, included in the box, each game can be a new experience with different strategies to explore.

Quick Tip for Glen More II: Chronicles

Always keep an eye on the tiles ahead and plan your moves to optimize your resource collection while blocking your opponents.

Rules for playing Glen More II: Chronicles

Understanding the rules of Glen More II: Chronicles is key to enjoying the game. The game is played over several rounds, with each player taking turns to pick tiles from the central board. The player furthest behind on the track takes the next turn, which means you can take multiple turns in a row if you’re behind the others. When you pick a tile, you place it in your territory, making sure at least one side touches a previously placed tile. Each tile has an action that happens right when you place it, like getting resources or moving your Scotsman.

Resources are crucial in Glen More II: Chronicles. You have stuff like wood, stone, grain, and livestock, and you use them to build buildings, make whiskey, and feed your people. There’s also a market where you can trade resources, and a clan board where you can get special abilities and bonuses.

Scoring happens in two ways: during the game when you place certain tiles, and at the end of the game based on your achievements. You get points for having lots of different tiles, making whiskey, having Scotsmen in your territory, and more. The player with the most points at the end wins the game.

Equipment and Setup for Glen More II: Chronicles

To play Glen More II: Chronicles, you need the game box, which comes with a bunch of stuff. You’ve got tiles, resources, coins, player boards, a central board, and some other bits and bobs. Each player gets a player board to build their territory on, and there’s a central board where the tiles you can pick are laid out in a circle.

Setting up the game involves laying out the central board and placing the tiles in a specific order around it. Each player starts with a couple of basic tiles on their player board and some resources to get going. You also set up the market with resources and the clan board with special abilities.

The types of tiles in Glen More II: Chronicles include:

  1. Landscape Tiles: These give you resources like wood, stone, or grain.
  2. Building Tiles: They let you do special actions or give you bonuses.
  3. Person Tiles: They can give you Scotsmen or other benefits.
  4. Special Tiles: These are unique and have various effects.

How to Play Glen More II: Chronicles and Game Mechanics

The key game mechanics in Glen More II: Chronicles involve tile-laying, resource management, and strategic planning. Here’s how you play:

  1. Setup: Prepare the game as described in the Equipment and Setup section.
  2. Gameplay: Players take turns picking tiles from the central board and adding them to their player board. When you place a tile, you activate it and possibly surrounding tiles, doing actions like collecting resources or moving your Scotsman.
  3. End of the Game: The game ends after a set number of rounds, and then players score points for their achievements.

During the game, you go through several phases:

  1. Tile Selection: Choose a tile from the central board.
  2. Tile Placement: Add the tile to your player board.
  3. Tile Activation: Do the actions on the tile you placed and any adjacent tiles.
  4. Scoring: Get points during the game and at the end based on your tiles and resources.

How to Win at Glen More II: Chronicles

To win at Glen More II: Chronicles, you need to score the most points. Beginners should focus on understanding how different tiles work together and managing their resources well. Intermediate players can start looking at the clan board for extra points and abilities. Advanced players will want to plan several moves ahead, block opponents from getting good tiles, and optimize their tile placement for maximum points.

Some general tips for winning include:

  1. Balance your resource production so you’re not short on anything.
  2. Keep an eye on what tiles are coming up and plan your moves accordingly.
  3. Use the market to get resources you’re missing.
  4. Pay attention to the clan board for bonuses that fit your strategy.
  5. Don’t forget to feed your people – it costs points if you can’t.

Best Strategies for playing Glen More II: Chronicles game

When playing Glen More II: Chronicles, the best strategies involve careful planning and being flexible. You want to build a territory that gives you a steady flow of resources and points. It’s also important to watch what other players are doing and adapt your strategy to take advantage of their weaknesses or block their strengths.

Sneaky tactics can include taking a tile you don’t need just to stop someone else from getting it, or rushing ahead on the track to get a powerful tile before anyone else can. You can also try to control the market by hoarding resources that other players need.

Remember, every game is different because of the Chronicles, so be ready to try new strategies based on what’s in play.


In Glen More II: Chronicles, you might find yourself in a spot where you have too many resources and not enough points, or you might be falling behind on the track. To turn these scenarios to your advantage, you can trade excess resources in the market for something more valuable, or take multiple turns in a row if you’re behind to build up your territory quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions about playing Glen More II: Chronicles game

Here are some common questions and answers:

Q: Can I move a tile once I’ve placed it?
A: No, once a tile is placed, it stays there for the rest of the game.

Q: What happens if I can’t feed my people?
A: You lose points for each person you can’t feed, so make sure to plan ahead.

Q: Can I skip my turn to wait for a better tile?
A: No, you must take a tile on your turn, even if it’s not ideal.

Q: How many times can I use the market?
A: You can use the market as many times as you want, but the prices can change.

Q: Are the Chronicles necessary to play?
A: No, they’re optional, but they add variety to the game.

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