Ghosts Board Game: A Comprehensive Guide


The Ghosts board game is a strategic game that has been entertaining players for decades. It is a two-player game that involves a thrilling battle of wits and strategy. The game was designed by Alex Randolph and first published in 1985. The game’s equipment includes a game board and two sets of eight ghost pieces, each in a different color. In our household, it’s often used as a great Halloween board game.

Rules for playing Ghosts (board game)

The Ghosts game rules are simple and easy to understand. Each player has eight ghost pieces: four good and four evil. The objective of the game is to either get one of your good Ghosts to the opponent’s home row or capture all of your opponent’s good Ghosts.

However, if one of your evil Ghosts reaches the opponent’s home row or if you capture all of your own good Ghosts, you lose the game. House rules can be introduced for variations of the game, such as limiting the number of moves or introducing a time limit.

How do you play Ghosts (board game)

  1. Setup: Each player places their eight ghost pieces on their home row on the game board. The identity of each ghost (good or evil) is hidden from the opponent(s).
  2. Gameplay: Players take turns moving their Ghosts one square at a time, either horizontally or vertically. When a ghost lands on a square occupied by an opponent’s ghost, that ghost is captured and its identity is revealed. If it’s a good ghost, it’s removed from the game. If it’s an evil ghost, the capturing player loses the game.
  3. End of the Game: The game ends when a player either gets one of their good Ghosts to the opponent’s home row, captures all of the opponent’s good Ghosts, or loses by capturing an evil ghost or having one of their evil Ghosts reach the opponent’s home row.

How to Win at Ghosts (board game)

Winning at Ghosts requires a blend of strategy, deception, and anticipation. Here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Keep Your Ghosts’ Identities Hidden: The key to winning Ghosts is keeping your opponent guessing about the identities of your Ghosts. Try to move your Ghosts in a way that doesn’t give away whether they’re good or evil.
  2. Be Aggressive: Don’t be afraid to capture your opponent’s Ghosts. The more Ghosts you capture, the fewer options your opponent has. Just be careful not to capture an evil ghost!
  3. Use Your Evil Ghosts Wisely: Your evil Ghosts can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Use them to block your opponent’s path or to bait them into capturing them.

Best Strategies for playing Ghosts (board game)

Here are some additional strategies to help you master the Ghosts game:

  1. Control the Center: The center of the board is a crucial area in Ghosts. Controlling it gives you more mobility and makes it harder for your opponent to reach your home row.
  2. Plan Ahead: Always think a few moves ahead. Try to anticipate your opponent’s moves and plan your strategy accordingly.
  3. Adapt: Be ready to change your strategy on the fly. If your opponent is playing aggressively, consider playing more defensively, and vice versa.

Scenarios for Ghosts (board game)

Here are some common scenarios you might encounter while playing Ghosts, and how to handle them:

  1. Your Opponent is Playing Defensively: If your opponent is playing defensively, try to be more aggressive. Capture their Ghosts and force them to react to your moves.
  2. You’re Running Out of Good Ghosts: If you’re running low on good Ghosts, play more defensively. Try to protect your remaining good Ghosts and use your evil Ghosts to block your opponent.
  3. Your Opponent is Controlling the Center: If your opponent is controlling the center of the board, try to flank them. Use your Ghosts to attack from the sides and force them to spread out their Ghosts.

Frequently Asked Questions about playing Ghosts (board game)

Q: Can a ghost move diagonally? A: No, Ghosts can only move horizontally or vertically.

Q: What happens if a good ghost reaches the opponent’s home row? A: If a good ghost reaches the opponent’s home row, the player who controls that ghost wins the game.

Q: Can I choose which ghost to move on my turn? A: Yes, you can choose any of your Ghosts to move on your turn.

Q: What happens if all of a player’s ghosts are captured? A: If all of a player’s Ghosts are captured, the game continues until one of the remaining conditions for winning is met.

Q: Can I pass my turn? A: No, you must move one of your Ghosts on your turn.

For more information about Ghosts, visit the official game website here.