Akrotiri – Exploring Rules, Instructions & Winning Strategy Tips


Akrotiri is a two-player game where you become explorers in ancient Greece, searching for legendary temples. It’s a mix of tile-laying and resource management, with a bit of a puzzle vibe which I do enjoy. The game was first released in 2014 and has been a hit with gamers who like a challenge that’s not too heavy but still makes you think.

The goal in Akrotiri is to discover temples by placing tiles to create paths on the board, which represents the Aegean Sea filled with islands. You’ll be picking up and delivering resources, earning money to fund your expeditions, and trying to find temples using maps. It’s a game that’s easy to learn but has enough depth to keep you coming back for more.

Quick Tip for Akrotiri

Always keep an eye on your opponent’s actions; they can give you clues about where hidden temples might be.

Rules for playing Akrotiri

Let’s dive into the rules of Akrotiri. First off, each player gets a boat, some money, and a secret map card. The map cards are key because they tell you where temples are hidden based on the layout of the tiles. You’ll be adding tiles to the board, moving your boat around to collect resources from the islands, and then selling those resources for money. Money is super important because you need it to buy more map cards and to excavate temples.

The game has a cool action point system. On your turn, you get to do three actions. You can place a tile, move your boat, load or unload resources, buy a map card, or excavate a temple. You’ve got to plan your moves carefully to be efficient. When you place a tile, you’re not just thinking about your own goals but also trying to mess with your opponent’s plans.

Excavating temples is how you score big points. You need to have the right resources and be in the right spot based on your map card. When you think you’ve found a temple, you reveal your card and place a temple on the board if you’re correct. The game ends when a player has built their sixth temple, and then you tally up points from temples and leftover money to see who wins.

Equipment and Setup for Akrotiri

For Akrotiri, you need the game box which comes with a bunch of stuff. You’ve got tiles that show water and islands, boats for each player, resource cubes, temples, coins, and map cards. If you don’t have the game, you could try making your own version with some DIY tiles and pieces, but the original game components are pretty neat.

Setting up is easy. You start with a central tile on the table and each player places their boat on it. You put two random tiles next to the central tile to start the map. Each player gets some starting money and a couple of map cards. You’re now ready to start exploring!

The tiles in Akrotiri are double-sided, with one side showing water and the other showing parts of islands. You’ll be flipping and rotating these tiles to create the sea and islands as you play.

How to Play Akrotiri and Game Mechanics

Playing Akrotiri is all about exploring and finding temples. Here’s a breakdown of the game phases:

  1. Draw a Tile – You pick a tile from the stack and add it to your hand.
  2. Actions – You get three actions. You can place a tile, move your boat, pick up or drop off resources, buy a map card, or excavate a temple.
  3. Draw Map Cards – If you sold resources this turn, you can buy new map cards.
  4. Refresh – Refill the resource spaces on the board and get ready for the next player’s turn.

How to Win at Akrotiri

Winning at Akrotiri is about being smart with your actions and planning ahead. You want to gather the right resources to excavate temples while also keeping an eye on what your opponent is doing. Sometimes you’ll want to place tiles that help you but also block your opponent’s path. It’s a balance between building your own strategy and disrupting theirs.

Beginner players should focus on learning how the map cards work and how to efficiently collect resources. Intermediate players can start thinking about how to use their actions more strategically, like when to buy new map cards or when to excavate temples. Advanced players will be all about outsmarting their opponent and planning several moves ahead.

Best Strategies for playing Akrotiri game

For the best strategies in Akrotiri, you’ve got to be flexible and adapt to the board as it grows. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t just focus on your own map cards; try to guess where your opponent’s temples might be and place tiles to make it harder for them.
  • Keep a balance between earning money and spending it on excavations and map cards.
  • Watch the resources! If you see a resource getting rare, it might be worth more soon.

And for some sneaky tactics, try to bluff by showing interest in parts of the board where you don’t actually need to go. It might throw your opponent off!


In Akrotiri, you might find yourself in a tight spot if the board isn’t developing in your favor. If you’re stuck, try to pivot your strategy. Maybe focus on collecting different resources or start placing tiles that open up new areas of the board.

If you’re doing well and have a lead, don’t get too comfortable. Keep an eye on your opponent and be ready to block their moves if needed. Always stay one step ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers:

Q: Can I move through my opponent’s boat?
A: Yes, boats don’t block movement.
Q: What happens if I run out of money?
A: You need to sell resources or wait until you can sell them to get more money.
Q: Can I have more than one temple on an island?
A: No, only one temple per island.

For more info on Akrotiri, check out the publisher’s website or look for reviews and playthroughs on YouTube. Just search for “Akrotiri board game” and you’ll find plenty of resources.

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