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Match Attax: A Guide to the Collectible Card Game – Rules, Strategy & Instructions


Match Attax is a collectible card game (CCG) that’s all about football (or soccer, for my friends across the pond). It’s the beautiful game distilled into a card, right in your hands. The game started back in 2007, published by Topps, and because it’s one of the few football/soccer card games that has competitive gameplay, it’s done pretty well for itself. It’s based on the players and teams from the real-world football leagues, and the cards are still being printed, with new editions coming out every season.

Playing Match Attax is a good bit of fun if you like the sport. You get to build your dream team with cards of your favorite players and then go head-to-head with other collectors. Each card has stats that reflect the player’s real-life skills, and you use these to try and beat your opponent’s team. It’s a mix of strategy, luck, and football knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned card gamer or new to this kind of thing, Match Attax is easy to pick up and seriously addictive once you get started.

Match Attax (Soccer) is one of a few Topps CCGs. There are others for various sports, like NFL Adrenalyn and Cricket Attax, which I’ve also written guides on.

Quick Tip for Match Attax

Always keep an eye on the latest player performances in real life – their form can affect their stats in the next season’s card release!

Rules for playing Match Attax

Alright, let’s get down to business – the rules. Match Attax is played with two people, each with their own team of cards. The game is split into two halves, just like a real football match. Each half, you’ll be playing your cards to try and score goals while stopping your opponent from doing the same. You’ve got player cards, which are your main squad, and then special cards that can give you an edge, like ‘Man of the Match’ or ‘100 Club’ cards.

The game starts with a coin toss to decide who goes first. Then, you draw six cards from your deck – this is your starting hand. You’ll play one card at a time, comparing stats like defense and attack. The higher stat wins, and if you beat your opponent’s defense with your attack, that’s a goal! After each play, you draw a new card, so you always have six in hand. After all cards are played, whoever has the most goals wins the match.

Card Types for Match Attax

Now, let’s talk about the cards. There are a few different types:

  1. Base Player Cards: These are your standard player cards with attack and defense stats.
  2. Star Player and Star Signing Cards: These have slightly better stats than base cards.
  3. Man of the Match and 100 Club Cards: These are the top-tier cards with the best stats.
  4. Tactic Cards: These can change the game in your favor, like allowing a re-draw or canceling your opponent’s goal.

You can start with a starter pack, which gives you enough cards for a basic team, and then you can collect more packs to find new players and build a stronger deck.

How to Play Match Attax and Game Mechanics

Playing Match Attax is straightforward. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Setup: Each player needs a deck of 16 player cards and 2 tactic cards. Shuffle your deck and draw six cards to start.
  2. Gameplay: Take turns playing cards, comparing stats, and trying to score goals. Use tactic cards wisely to gain advantages.
  3. End of the Game: After all cards are played, the player with the most goals wins. If it’s a tie, play extra time with three more cards each!

How to Win at Match Attax

Winning at Match Attax takes a mix of skill and strategy. Beginners should focus on understanding the stats and how to use them effectively. Intermediate players can start to think about how to build their deck with a good balance of attack and defense. Advanced players will be looking for combos and using tactic cards at just the right moment to swing the game.

Always keep an eye on your opponent’s moves and try to predict what they’ll play next. And remember, sometimes it’s worth losing a round if it means setting up for a bigger play later on.

Best Strategies for playing Match Attax game

For the best strategies, you want to:

  1. Build a balanced deck with strong attack and defense.
  2. Know when to hold back your best cards for the perfect moment.
  3. Use tactic cards to disrupt your opponent’s plans.
  4. Keep track of what cards your opponent has already played.

And don’t forget about sneaky tactics like bluffing with a weak card to draw out your opponent’s stronger ones!

Deck Building and Best Cards in Match Attax

Building a great deck is key. You want a good mix of player types and tactic cards. Keep your deck versatile so you can adapt to different opponents.

Best Cards in Match Attax

Some of the best cards to look out for include:

  • 100 Club cards – they have the highest stats.
  • Man of the Match cards – great for turning the tide.
  • Powerful tactic cards – like ‘Referee’ to cancel a goal.


Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a tough spot, like when your opponent keeps scoring goals. Don’t panic! Think about changing your strategy, maybe holding onto your tactic cards for a big play. And if you’re ahead, consider playing defensively to maintain your lead.

Frequently Asked Questions about playing Match Attax game

Here are some common questions:

Q: Can I change my deck between matches?
A: Yes, you can swap cards in and out as much as you like between games.

Q: What happens if I draw all tactic cards in my starting hand?
A: You can show your hand to your opponent and re-draw.

Q: Are there any banned cards?
A: Not usually, but check the rules for any official tournaments you enter.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Don’t forget to:

  • Keep your deck updated with new cards from the latest sets.
  • Practice different strategies against friends or online.
  • Stay calm and think ahead – it’s a game of wits as much as it is about the cards.

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